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Details of a Few Concession Solutions Projects

Concession Solutions has provided a variety of consulting services.  The following is a sampling of the scope of services we have provided several clients.

University of California - Berkeley - Cal Berkeley Dining was awarded a 15 year contract to operate the concessions and catering operations for the Cal Athletic Department. Prior to Cal Dining taking over the concessions and catering operations on July 1st, 2012, from a national contract company, Cal Berkeley Dining services hired Concession Solutions to assist with the setting-up and opening of their new concessions operations. Concessions Solutions first priority was to assist with the final design and operational layout for the concession stands within the newly renovated Football stadium that opened September 1, 2012. We worked with the on-site construction contractors, architecture teams from the athletic department and Cal Dining, capital project management, equipment companies and Cal Dining’s management.

As Concession Solutions was working on the final design, we were also assisting Cal Dining’s management team with all aspects of setting up the new concessions operation. This included hiring a new on-site concession management team, equipment purchases and arranging all food and supply purchases for the first year of operation. We set-up the internal management infrastructure including: documentation, inventory control, and sales reporting. Concession Solutions worked with Cal Dining’s management team to finalized contracts with subcontractors and Non Profit Organizations that are being used as the labor force in the concession stands. We remained on-site through the second home game to help ensure a successful opening. As a direct result of our assistance, sales were increased 100% in all venues over the previous contract company.

Ohio State University - Athletic Department decided to bid out the concession and catering operations. We recently assisted developing the bid proposal response to obtain the concessions and catering operation in-house. We developed a proposal with the Ohio State Food Service Department to show the in-house operation was the right choice.

Tulane University – We have been assisting Toulouse Gourmet Catering Co. with the layout of equipment, equipment specifications, and required changes to the new baseball facilities due to design flaws.  We have assisted with equipment procurement and complete setup, running of the operations and training of management and staff.  We provided additional consulting services during the opening season.

University of Oregon – We have been assisting the University assess the current concessions, catering and training table operations and determine if the operations should stay in-house or go out to bid.  We are also assisting with the design and concession operation for the new baseball facility coming on line in a year.

Syracuse University – On this project we are advising on the preliminary drawing for their concession stand upgrades.  We reviewed the current operation for both the football and basketball configuration in the dome stadium.

University of Tennessee – We provided the university with a detailed review of their concession and merchandise operation.  The report had suggestions for improvements to the facility and advised them on the in-house operation vs. a contracted operation.  The university concluded they wanted to go out to bid for both the concessions and the merchandise and Concession Solutions developed the RFP for the process.  After the bid process they retained the concessions in house and selected a contractor to run the merchandise operation.  They have since made several of our suggested improvements and just recently put the concessions operation out to bid for a second time.  This time they did select a contractor to run the concession operation.

University of Notre Dame – We provided on-site evaluation of the concession operations.  We reviewed all facilities, football stadium, arena, baseball, softball and soccer.  At the conclusion of our visits we provided a detailed report of our finding, which included suggestions for changes and improvements.  Many of the suggestions we provided have been implemented and have shown a great increase in sales and profit to the university.

University of Washington – The University has hired Concession Solutions to provide the University with numerous projects of the past several years.  We have assisted with design and construction projects with the stadium and arena.  We have provided management transition assistance with the concession contractor.   We have provided assistance with an on-site evaluation and development of two RFP’s and bid cycles, followed by assistance with the development of contracts between the University and the food contractor.

Washington State University – The University hired Concession Solutions to provide them with a complete evaluation of the concession operations.  We were asked to focus on the overall job that the concession contract company was providing the University and its guests.

University of Northern Iowa – We provided the University with an extensive review of the concession operation.  At the conclusion of our review the University decided to bid the concession operation.  We developed the RFP and assisted the University throughout the bid process.  At the conclusion of the bid process going in-house was best for the program.  We assisted the University with the transition to an in-house operation.

America’s Pastime Sports Management – This has been a project where we have been involved in all aspect of the design.   We have provided complete layout details for the Architects and Engineers on the project.  Provided equipment specifications for plumbing, electrical and mechanical.  We have assisted the group with their feasibility study and have arranged equipment to be ordered for the concession and merchandise locations at the ballpark.  We will continue with the project during the construction phase and into the opening of the operations.  We will be involved with complete event setup, running of the operations and training for the management and staff.  We will provide ongoing assistance as the 26 parks come on line over the next couple years.
City of Kamloops – We assisted the architecture team with design layouts for new stand construction.  We provided layouts for each stand, counters, storage, equipment placement, plumbing, and electrical requirements.  We also provided extensive research on equipment and arranged purchase requests for the concession equipment.  This facility will be used during the upcoming 2010 Olympics.

We provided an on-site evaluation of the City of Kamloops Arena, used for hockey, concerts and several other shows.  At the conclusion of our evaluation the City decided to bid the concession operation.  We developed the RFP and assisted in the complete bid process and contract development with the concession company selected.

Modesto A’s – This was a fast track project where we were involved from the start of design through the second opening home stand of the first season.  With a timeline of only 4 months we designed all aspects of the concession areas and we were on site for the entire construction process.  We placed equipment orders and oversaw the delivery and placement of all equipment.  We were on site through the first two home stands to insure a smooth start to the operation.

Stockton Ports – We were brought in after the construction phase had started when problems started to pop up.  We were able to resolve most of the design flaws and make changes to equipment that was incorrectly specified for the concession locations.  We were on site for the delivery and placement of the equipment and stayed through the second home stand which provided the team a good start to the season.

Everett Aquasox – We worked closely with the architecture team on all aspects of the concession design.  Providing layouts for counters, storage, equipment placement, electrical and plumbing requirements.  Assisted the team with equipment specifications.

Carolina Mudcats – When design flaws presented themselves, we were asked to create a new set of design layouts for the concession operation. Providing layouts for counters, storage, equipment placement, electrical and plumbing requirements.  We assisted the team with equipment specifications.

In each of the above projects we worked as part of the team.  Providing for both the needs of the client and the guest.  We pride ourselves on keeping current with new equipment, menu items and the most efficient methods to serve the guest.  Our extensive hands on management experience, in running concession operations, helps us bring a high level of knowledge to the project that will help “get it right the first time,” thus minimizing change orders.